"Space Chase" - Teaser #2

2017-06-17 12:49:14 by BrandonCanDraw

Hey guys, I just put up the final teaser for my upcoming cartoon, Space Chase. It's on my YouTube channel and you can check it out below. I thought about posting the teaser here, but figured I'd leave that for the actual cartoon since it's just a short teaser.

Anyway, let me know what you think! I'm really excited to finally get this out there. I started it a while ago and finally got around to finishing it.

Thanks, guys!

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2017-07-29 15:05:52

I just saw the release of it; really nice work. You should post it here too; Newgrounds supports .avis these days so you don't have to go through the additional work of making a .swf with play and replay buttons.

BrandonCanDraw responds:

It's actually on here, it's just under judgment at the moment. Thanks a lot!